To provide investment and financial planning, counseling, assistance, and management to individuals and families, in an affordable manner, using the sound academically supported investment and financial planning principles that guide the portfolios of successful institutions.

This involves:

1.    Diversifying across major investment classes.

2.    Taking into account individual’s risk tolerance and risk capacity.

3.    Aligning personal goal timeframes and objectives with investments.

4.    Using primarily low-cost index funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

5.    Having investment portfolios held with a low-cost custodian such as Fidelity or Charles Schwab.

6.    Providing personal oversight and attention to investment progress in relation to financial goals.

7.    A reasonable and affordable fee to bring these services to individuals and families.


·         “Successful investing requires a skill set that very few people possess…I have come to the conclusion that only a tiny minority will ever succeed in managing their money even tolerably well.”

·         “Successful investors need four abilities. First, they must possess an interest in the process…Second,…an understanding of the laws of probability and a working knowledge of statistics. Third…a firm grasp of financial history. Fourth, …the emotional discipline to execute their planned strategy faithfully…”

·         “The reason why most people do such lousy jobs with their portfolios is that human nature is an agar dish that breeds…overconfidence and overemphasis on recent history.”

·         “I emphasize three main principles: first, to not be too greedy; second, to diversify as widely as possible; and third, to always be wary of the investment industry. People do not seek employment in investment banks, brokerage houses, and mutual fund companies with the same motivations as those who choose to work in fire departments or elementary schools. Whether investors know it or not, they are engaged in an ongoing zero-sum, life and death struggle with piranhas, and if rigorous precautions are not taken, the financial services industry will strip investors of their wealth faster than they can say “Bernie Madoff”.”

*  The Investor’s Manifesto” by William J. Bernstein (2010)