I am a fee-only fiduciary advisor; this means I only answer to and am compensated by my clients. I have absolutely no compensation-related affiliations with broker/dealers or fund companies. I:

Provide personal investment management, financial planning, and 401(k)/403b/IRA management services to individuals, families, business owners and professionals.

Emphasize using low-cost index funds as opposed to active management, market timing and security selection.

Deliver complete investment advisor/financial planning services to clients.

Have a track record of providing clients with a successful and productive long- term experience.


1. August 2012 Present Christopher Investment Advisors, Fee-Only Investment Advisor/Certified Financial PlannerĀ® and Owner. Beverly MA

2. June 2011 August 2012 Thompson Wealth Management as an Investment Advisor/Financial Planner for a fee-only wealth management firm. Concord MA

3. December 2006 June 2011 Barker Financial Group, Burlington, MA as an Investment Advisor/Financial Planner for a fee-only wealth management firm.

4. April 1997 December 2006 Christopher Financial Advisors, Buffalo, NY as Owner and Sole Proprietor of a fee-only financial advisor firm (NAPFA member).


1. Certified Financial Planner Exam March 1999

2. College for Financial Planning, Denver CO, January 1999

3. Maxwell School, Syracuse University, M.P.A. 1974

4. University of Pennsylvania, B.A. Economics 1973

Capabilities and Experience:
I am able to deliver complete investment advisor/financial planning services to clients. I have excellent skills in the following areas:

1. Working with individuals and families in all aspects of their financial planning including: preparing clients for meetings, interviewing them, collecting pertinent data and information including insights on their goals and values, assembling this information into a Plan and investment portfolio, explaining Plan to client, implementing the Plan and the investment strategy, and monitoring progress of the Plan and the investment portfolio.

2. Providing clients with a successful and productive long term experience.

Investment Advisor Capabilities and Experience:

1. Knowledge of Modern Portfolio Theory and asset allocation strategies, experience in designing and presenting well-diversified portfolios, individually addressing risk tolerance, goals, and time frames.

2. Have designed portfolios with low cost mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) individual stocks, and 401k and 403b plan options.

3. Experienced in allocating asset classes in portfolios.

4. Consultative Approach to investment management.

5. Developed and presented a seminars on protecting investments during a declining market.

6. Encouraged the use of DFA and ETF portfolios. Influenced use of TIPS and a larger allocation to international and emerging market equities.

Financial Planning Capabilities and Experience:

1. Experienced in all aspects of financial planning for clients: CFP Practice Standards 100-600,

2. Use of Net-Worth and Cash Flow Statements.

3. Providing individual recommendations relating to planning for insurance, taxes, estates, retirement, investments and general financial planning.

Articles Written For Clients:

1. Inflation and Your Investment Portfolio

2. How Mutual Funds Can Keep You from Being Diversified

3. Checklist for Reviewing Your Investments in the Current Declining Market

4. Steps to Protect You Against Fraud.

5. Your Investment Portfolio During Extreme Market Volatility

Professional Influences:

William Bernstein The Investor's Manifesto 2010, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Burton Malkiel, and Larry Swedroe.